Radiology - Do you like taking pictures of Human Body?

x-ray image

How about the ones in the inside of the body to help uncover tumors, broken bones or brain development, if you’re fascinated by X rays, then medical radiologic technology is for you. MRT’s operate a number of high tech imaging equipment from X ray and fluoroscopy units and CT scanners, you’ll work closely with all types of patients to ensure their protection and position them for optimal images, from the diagnostic imaging department to the operating room to the trauma department, you’re health care is a window into the inside. If you want the inside tract to working in X ray, state’s two year medical radiologic technology program is just what the doctor ordered, you’ll study equipment of today and of tomorrow in our world class Zenith for advanced diagnostic imaging.

- It’s not just bookwork, we have to do hands on in a lab and by having the small class sizes, we really get to work as a team, just like we would in the real world.
- So we have lots of practice hands on positioning other students and we’re really comfortable working with all the equipment because it’s something you see onsite at the hospitals so there is not a hard transition going between lab equipment to hospital equipment.
- With over four point seven million dollars of recent upgrades, you’ll work with the latest technology, no other schools can match our onsite CT technology used for diagnostic imaging and nobody can match our relationship with industry.
- Once the students have done their rotation, they come to a variety of sites, they are here for a three week rotation and within that three week rotation, they are learning the basics of X ray and the different types of examinations that they will be performing.
- You’ll learn on the newest equipment sure but you’ll also get a full year of practicum experience at different demanding sites across Alberta, X ray units run twenty four hours, so you’ll sell different hospital rotations so when you graduate, you’ll be prepared with the manual skills, technical knowledge and clinical experience you need for a successful career.
- The practicum experience has been excellent; you go from positioning your classmates and manikins to actually getting to do exams on real patients.
- Getting a chance to work with different technologists, finding out their techniques and the chance to work with all the different equipment really gets us prepared for any environment we’re going to be working on.
- And after an entire year of being on practicum, you’re ready to out and get a job as a working tech.
- Two students this year have been hired on for us and it’s a great privilege to work in conjunction with state to get the students prepared for a career that they’ll be developing for themselves.