Radiologic Technologist in North Carolina

 A career as a radiologic technologist has the potential to provide an interesting and challenging career in the medical field for many individuals. This is especially true for anyone who is considering getting the necessary education to achieve such a job in the Old northstate. It is a easy career to break into and allows individuals who pursue it the opportunity to continually advance within the field of medicine.




 To become a general radiologic technologist in Old NC an associate's degree is required, which can be successfully accomplished in just two years. According to, rad tech working in NC can make approximately $29.22 an hour.


Program & Schools

 There are a lot of colleges and technical centers which offer programs for medical radiation technologist. Three of the most prominent radiology schools are community colleges located within this state.


 The first, South Piedmont Community College (SPCC) is one of the foremost community colleges in NC. It is relatively affordable, especially for students who living in Tar Heel state. These individuals can expect to pay $100 for every credit hour that they attend. The cost is considerably higher for out-of-state radiology student at over $290 per semester hour.


 Another option for students to attend is Central Piedmont College (CPCC). This college is comparable to SPCC. CPCC offers a two year program for radiographer for a cost of approximately $25,000 for students living in the state of NC. Out-state students can achieve the same degree for approximately $37,000.


 Finally, Catawba Valley Community College is chosen by many students because of its low cost and the fact that it has a similar program to many of the other colleges for X-ray technicians. Catawba Valley student who live in NC have to pay less than $100 per credit hour. Consequently, non-resident student are likely to pay approximately $290 for each credit hour. The schools have similar programs and are all rated similarly throughout the regional system. Therefore, it usually comes down to the amount of money that must be spent to get the degree.


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Career Outlook

 In closing, "Tar Heel" offers many opportunities for radiologic technologists within the state. Due to the high number of colleges that offer two year programs it is possible for many of these individuals to find a program near their home that works well for them and then to find gainful employment shortly thereafter.